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Tuesday — 18 Ramazan 1425 — 11 Kartika 1926 — 0…

Tuesday — 18 Ramazan 1425 — 11 Kartika 1926 — 02 November 2004

Today while talking to a friend he said that I would maybe like to have a boyfriend who came over and cooked food for me and my family. I laughed it off and told him that he is a cruel bastard who just wants to remind me that I don’t have a boyfriend. Oh, and yes, please don’t feel bad for him. He is a cruel bastard. But I digress.

So while he said that I realized that that is not at all what I would like in my guy. I let my imagination wander and make a picture of the guy who I would want to be with. Needless to say I let my imagination loose and I got a completely skewed picture. Somewhat reminiscent of the ‘twilight zone’.

I pictured him as someone who would return every evening after day long barehanded street fights with hardened warrior men. With scars and bruises all over his body; his bloodied swords, knives and other weapons hanging from his military clothes. Then he would eat his favourite food by picking off choice meat off of the bone of extra rare chicken tikkas.

Then he will take a break to recuperate from his war wounds. About one week. During that time I will keep working. I would be a special advisor to the President on Foreign Affairs or Foreign Relations.

So that is my favourite life. A warrior boyfriend and a job as a think tank regarding Foreign Affairs.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, desires, desires, desires.