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Wednesday — 19 Ramazan 1425 — 12 Kartika 1926 –…

Wednesday — 19 Ramazan 1425 — 12 Kartika 1926 — 03 November 2004

So, I am sitting in my car; I am moving at unreasonable speeds to get home as soon as possible; I really need to go to the bathroom; then suddenly, I am stuck in traffic.

I had to sit there for one hour nearly dying in the drivers seat. I tried desperately to change lanes so I could stop at the side and run to the nearest mosque. But that wasnt to be. There were no cuts in the road so no cars allowed me to change lanes.

It was a hell of an hour. Then when I got home. I was told that Bush is winning the elections. So everything stopped and I didnt need to go to the loo any more. If only I had been listening to the news radio when I was in the car.