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Monday — 24 Ramazan 1425 — 17 Kartika 1926 — 08…

Monday — 24 Ramazan 1425 — 17 Kartika 1926 — 08 November 2004

I am very happy today. It was just proven to me that I am a hot young man who attracts other hotyoung men.

I had to drop my grandfather off for a meeting and then wait for him. I decided to wait in the car. There was no parking so I had to park about a kilometer away from the place. So, I was sitting there, windows open, airy, cool, music. Suddenly I realized that the people on the sidewalk were not dressed normally and there were too many young boys. I stopped staring at the guys as I usually do when I am sitting in a car.

I suddenly realized, fuck, I am sitting in a car, waiting, in a red light area and staring at the guys. I was about to start the car and run the hell away when one guy who I was staring at wuite a lot opens the door and sits on the seat next to the drivers sear. At this moment I started to sweat and tremble. I had no idea what to do. So I just somehow stammered out, get out. He left. Then I left immediately.

I stopped sweating one hour later. To think that if by some accident my grandfather saw that guy sit in the car. Wow. All hell would have broken loose.