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Wednesday — 04 Shawwal 1425 — 26 Kartika 1926 –…

Wednesday — 04 Shawwal 1425 — 26 Kartika 1926 — 17 November 2004

Today, I will tell you what Moral Rightist Gay Porn (MRGP) is.

It starts with two men doing motions that are seen in gay pornographic movies. A plant or a suitably placed piece of furniture hides “the parts of shame” of the gentlemen. These acts take place in a satanic temple. There are frescoes of demons and satan killing innocent children and feasting on their blood. Along with symbols denoting the hatred of truth and purity.

During the whole period the camera shifts angles and shows us differnt angles of the picture with the proper sections (read gonads) hidden. At the end the two partipants fall into each others arms and start crying. They wail that they have sinned and that God will smite them. They realize that they have wronged and promise to stop everyone else from doing this act of develish carnal delights.

Suddenly there is lightning and everything is destroyed. Then a bright light emanates from a break in the clouds and the light of religion shines on the world.