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Friday — 13 Shawwal 1425 — 05 Agrahayana 1926 –…

Friday — 13 Shawwal 1425 — 05 Agrahayana 1926 — 26 November 2004

Everyone has their own style of sleeping. I toss and turn a lot with a lot of changes in position in between. Many other people do that too, but what seperates me from the normal human herd is that, I actually do it with a jump. I wake up then I jump/flip over to the other side and go back to sleep.

This is a very normal behaviour as long as I sleep alone. But sharing the bed with someone becomes somewhat of a problem. That happened in college. I was staying with a friend. He did not know about my jump/flip over routine. So, it happened, I woke up, I flipped, and I heard a huge DUZZZZ sound, I sat up, I saw my friend SM holding his nose and groaning, I started laughing and he actually cried with tears.

That will teach him to sleep with me and move beyond the imaginary line that divided the bed into my half and his half.

Oh, ahahaha, I know, you are thining “why is Jalal telling me this when I didnt ask him!”. Well, the answer would be that I just changed my room’s layout and now my bed is against a wall, and I am pretty sure that I broke a bone or two while jumping/flipping over during the night when I hit it so hard I actually thought the wall would fall down.

I am waiting till tomorrow morning, if there is sweeling I am going to be in a cast.

I hate SM, I am sure he cursed me and this is the result of that.

Damn you SM, damn you!