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Friday — 20 Shawwal 1425 — 12 Agrahayana 1926 –…

Friday — 20 Shawwal 1425 — 12 Agrahayana 1926 — 03 December 2004

I am so happy with life with my mother. I get up early. I hate waking up early. I go to work. I hate going to work. I love my work environment. I used to think that that is because I like my work. But actually it turns out I love it because I dont have to put up with my mother there.

Then work gets off. I come here dead beaten after travelling in broken down busses with another forty semi dead men with broken spirits and the dread of having to face the females, sorry, life sucking snakes, of their respective families.

Then when I am home to have to continuously explain to my mother that I actually go to work rather than go gallivanting with other immoral gay men to practice homosexual activities of an UnIslamic nature. So this is nice. I am still a fucking virgin. I am still in need of a one nighter, fuck buddy and a boyfriend. My mother, who I am an idiot to have told that I am gay, makes my life one big fucking piece of hell for sins that I havent yet committed.

So, my life is one big piece of light cloudy weather with light rain and a cool breeze with the sun breaking through the clouds far far away.

Occasionally I think I am gay because I fucking hate women rather than because I like men. Well, it figures.