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Wednesday — 25 Shawwal 1425 — 17 Agrahayana 1926…

Wednesday — 25 Shawwal 1425 — 17 Agrahayana 1926 — 08 December 2004

I am sure you all have had strange friends in your life. I am sure you have some currently as well. Well, so do I. But I think that some of mine beat everyone elses at the things they do.

Here is an example.

It was late last night. I was about to go to sleep. One of my friends called me. Albeit at an unacceptale time, but I will overlook that. He then tells me that he really needs help and that I can not refuse him because he is in trouble. I start to get on some rough clothing and try to go towards my car keys because by this time I am sure I will need to go to him because he seemed very very distressed.

Then he tells me that he needs to hit on a girl. He tells me what she likes. Then he tells me to come up with a good line.

Yes, you are right, you have read right and your eyes are still working. He actually called me for that.

I told him a very very strange line and I hung up.

After that line I knew he was not going to get that girl. Sorry dude but my revenge is fast and destructive. I am a bad bad evil dirty nasty man.

He called me again in the morning and thanked me for getting him hooked up.

Am I too gay to even make a line that would end a hetrosexual relationship rather than start one.

The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, economic ch…

The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, economic change and military conflict from 1500 to 2000.

Paul Kennedy

A book on my favourite subject – History. Fortunately it is written in a new perspective and in a very interesting manner. It is a book of that shows that current affairs are only the continuation of history. That present is born from the past. That mankind has not created any structures in human systems that will change the way we have fought and competed with each other over a long period of time.

The book deals provides amazing detail on issues without going into too much detail and becoming boring and tedious for non research consumption. This very detail and tact make it is a beautiful read in both history and to come extent histriography. And this very level of detail has made the book thought provoking as it forces one to think and wonder about how man has not changed over time.

This is one of the most remarkable books I have ever read. I would suggest it as a must read to anyone interested in History, Histriography, Current Affairs or Strategic Studies.