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Wednesday — 02 Ziqaad 1425 — 24 Agrahayana 1926 …

Wednesday — 02 Ziqaad 1425 — 24 Agrahayana 1926 — 15 December 2004It has been one year to the day (for those of you who are slow, i.e AK, that means that I am talking about 15 December 2003) when I got a cellphone. Yes, I made a very stupid, albeit necessary decidion on that day (again, 15 December 2003).

Until that day my life was full of freedom and I could go anywhere; do anything; and be anyone without the fear of being contacted by another human. It was the height of liberty only experienced by people in the ancient ages (before there were too many people that you could run into) and in the modern day land of the completely free (read, America, the country which everyone is so jealous of that they keep plotting against).

Then I got a cell phone and the rest of my life is one series of phone calls, smss and people asking me to see what my cell phone looks like and then going off into a (one sided) discussion about cell phones while I nod along and act as if I am listening to them and not thinking about the latest information I read from some newspaper.

And, yes, if you did not get this already, AK is stupid.

Take that AK.