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Thursday — 03 Ziqaad 1425 — 25 Agrahayana 1926 -…

Thursday — 03 Ziqaad 1425 — 25 Agrahayana 1926 — 16 December 2004

I think it is time. I have to share something with you readers. I experienced it today after some time. I remembered that I had decided to share it with you all. I have a severe psychological disorder. This is one that I have not told you all about yet. Please read to the end so you do not misunderstand what I am trying to say.

Everytime someone tells me “Jalal, you do not have to do that, I will do it for you”; or when they say “Oh no Jalal, man, that is my job, not yours, don’t worry”; or when they say “Jalal, consider this a favour, i’ll do this for you”; or when they say “No thanks man, I can carry my suitcase without your help”; or when they say “No, you dont have to get up from your seat for me, I am just getting off at the next stop”; I actually believe them.

If that person goes back on their word and tells me how I did something bad, by doing exactly what they told me to do, I get very very angry. Since I dont lash out at people I just grind my teeth until they start to hurt.

So there it is. Jalal has taken a large skeleton outside the closet. Now, I dont want any jokes / pranks / comments / puns about my severe psychological disorder. I just shared something with all of you and I would hate to be shot down. It would be a serious breach of faith on your part so don’t do it. Since I could not find any name for this disorder in any Psychological work I have decided that I have the right to give it a name. I will call this disease / disorder Jalals Excessive Rage At Stupid Comments Syndrome. JERASCS (pronunciation: jee-rah-skaahs).

Oh and yes, as a last sentence, this whole post was one big joke, and if you fell for it you were probably even more insane than I was when I wrote it, so, contact me, I am sure we have a lot in common.