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Saturday — 26 Ziqaad 1425 — 18 Pausa 1926 — 08 …

Saturday — 26 Ziqaad 1425 — 18 Pausa 1926 — 08 January 2005

Today I met Umar. I was 1 hour 40 mintues late. He still managed to find some time for me. Thank you Umar.

The man is 25 but looks 20. I wish I looked 20. But then I remember that I was a fat ugly hog at 20. So I dont want to be 20 any more. Come to think of it. I am a fat ugly hog right now as well. Hmmmm. I think I am going to talk about something else now.

Today was a Bus drivers strike in Karachi. All hell broke loose. Everyone who travelled by bus was either on the side of the roads waiting for a bus or in his car. I have not seen this much traffic in Karachi before. But the good thing is that Mr Coat got dry cleaned today and was feeling very fresh.