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Sunday — 27 Ziqaad 1425 — 19 Pausa 1926 — 09 Ja…

Sunday — 27 Ziqaad 1425 — 19 Pausa 1926 — 09 January 2005

Well there are two things that I would like to share with you.

I have driven my car for a total of 232.7 kilometers over the last two days. All of it urban travel and all of it in Karachi. Now, I dont think that any of you less than fortunate people, those who do not live in this wonderful city of ours, know what it means to drive 232.7 kilometers in Karachi. Let me just try to use one word. Hmmmm. Hell. But that is ok since I spent all this driving to meet up with one after another hot guy.

Today, all of it, was spent with another hot guy. Bruce, I think you know him. Be a doll and dont be jealous.

The second thing that I will share with you is about one of the most basic questions that arise in my daily life. Who do I hate more? Evil people or stupid people. Today I finally realized that the answer is stupid people.

So, who do you hate more? Evil people or stupid people?