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Thursday — 02 Zilhaj 1425 — 23 Pausa 1926 — 13 January 2005

This is a slightly homosexually pornographically graphic post. So please think once before you proceed.

It was my second semester at college. It was a warm summer. I was at the swimming pool. I saw a guy (henceforth called sexboi) there in slightly tight swimming trunks. He had the best built body I had seen at the pool in that one month. He was very cute. He had a devil-may-care cocky straight boy attitude. I fell in love with him immediately and harboured a lusty crush on him from that moment onwards.

Over the course of our next three and a half years at college I thought about him enough to make at least 200 long pornographic movies. There is no spot in college that those movies did not cover.

I told one of my best friends in college about this passionate lust that I felt. He knew I was gay already so that was not such a big issue. The big issue is that my friend told me today, after three years of knowing what I felt for sexboi, that he had once accidentally seen sexbois genitalia. And in case you think my using the word genitalia is lame and effeminate – my friend saw sexboi’s penis.

I am told that it was an erect well sculpted eight inches of man meat with angry veins popping out all over it. I have made one complete 228 minute long porno since I heard about this thing 228 minutes ago. I can not stop thinking about it. Can someone please tell me something to get my mind off of this.