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Friday — 03 Zilhaj 1425 — 24 Pausa 1926 — 14 Ja…

Friday — 03 Zilhaj 1425 — 24 Pausa 1926 — 14 January 2005

After seeing the Gay-o-Meter over at Bruce’s I decided to give it a try.

I was told that I am 33% gay. The only reason that I will let such a serious slight go by is because the damned thing does not have a brain. But, otherwise, I am as upset as any gay human being would be at being called straight. I emailed the webmaster and told him a large number of my sexual fantasies and then asked him if he thinks that people with such thoughts are stright and if he does then he can smack my behind and call me Judy.

This reminds me of another website which specialized in telling the gender of the write. I was told that I am a female. Again, another angry email to the webmaster; overeating of chocolate and ice creme; hatred of online polls and websites of this character and a severe head ache healed by a sponge bath.

Even earlier on there was another website that decided on good and evil. They had the audacity to call me good. When anyone who has known me at all knows that I am a vile, evil, manipulative extortionist.

What is wrong with incorrect online personality judgement websites? I guess we might never get the answer to that.