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Sunday — 05 Zilhaj 1425 — 26 Pausa 1926 — 16 Ja…

Sunday — 05 Zilhaj 1425 — 26 Pausa 1926 — 16 January 2005

I am very highly energized after another wonderful weekend with friends. It all started at 1400 Saturday when I went to my friend’s house. Who by the was not there and I had to sit on his door, literally, and wait for him to come home after a total of 22 minutes and 18 seconds, by the clock. He gave the worst excuse, bad traffic, bah humbug! Of course we both knew he was lying so we just to pick up another friend, and then another, and then another, and then I, being the fattest and another guy, being the smallest, took the seat besides the driver with an assortment of four guys in the back. The car was very very full.

Then we decided to crash at our usual hosts house. Needless to say seven men consume a lot of drinks and edibles. Very soon his house was stirpped bare of any edibles and drinks. We, of course, decided to question his hospitality. He took exception to that and immediate went out. Before we could have felt at our porcine behavious he returned with kilos of edibles. Needless to say we did not feel sorry nor he hurt. Everyone was so happy.Then, after talking and feeding for hours we decided to put on Alexander. A huge mass of mattresses was made as a huge bed for everyone to fit on and watch the movie. Lying, sitting and dozing off in seven different positions we watched the movie. During the course of the movie were long discussions. They basically revolved around the immoral and unethical behaviour of the writer and the producer of the movie who could lie so blatantly and still not include an apology letter in the ending of the movie.

During the course of the after movie discussion we all went to sleep one by one. All sleeping in one big mass of people on one big mass of bedding. In the middle of the night we all struggled for the scare blankets. I eventually managed to pull and tug until I was all warm. But I had to pay a price. Since I was at the end I was kicked by my arch enemy the blanketless guy into a very cramped sliver of the bed. But then I remembered that I am gay and that guy is hot so we shared the blanket and the cramped space. Now, that is all the sex that I have ever had.

In the morning after I ate about five eggs we got to talking. We realized that we had done all the things that real men do. We ate lots of meat. We watched braindead movies with senseless violence. We takling till we were all hoarse. We all drank to the full and then passed out in a pile wherever we could fit. We called women manipulative witches who destroy the freedom and purity of men.

It was a very many weekend.

My crush of the week is Pakistani model Abdullah. …

My crush of the week is Pakistani model Abdullah. He was on the Images suppliment of DAWN. Starting a day by staring at that face and hiding your lusting gaze onto the newspapers from six stright homophobic men was an exceptionall arousing experience.