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Tuesday — 07 Zilhaj 1425 — 28 Pausa 1926 — 18 J…

Tuesday — 07 Zilhaj 1425 — 28 Pausa 1926 — 18 January 2005

I just received two excellent pieces of news in the last one day. I am sorry but they are too personal to share with you. Just know that I have received very positive news regarding things that I have been thinking about for the last three years.

After hearing the news I got so excited that I tried to speak and I kept babbling for at least fifteen minutes. I was talking so fast that even I did not know what I was saying. And when I realized that I can not understand myself I realized that I had no idea what I was thinking. At that moment I told myself to calm down. Then I went to the bathroom since such excessive excitement made me loose control over my body.

Congratulate me.