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Sunday — 12 Zilhaj 1425 — 03 Magha 1926 — 23 Ja…

Sunday — 12 Zilhaj 1425 — 03 Magha 1926 — 23 January 2005

I have been smoking cigarettes for about two years now. I smoke very irregularly. With long breaks equal to months and with short breaks equal to minutes. I am not used to it and I am not addicted to it. That is exactly why I get a very strong buzz.

My smoking buzz is so strong that I cannot walk without flailing about dangerously. And if I have to kneel I would definitely roll over. Sometimes I cannot feel my hands and I have a severe tickling sensation on my body. Suffice to say that smoking to me is like drugs to others.

Today I had the first craving for a cigarette.

I quit smoking today.