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Wednesday — 22 Zilhaj 1425 — 13 Magha 1926 — 02…

Wednesday — 22 Zilhaj 1425 — 13 Magha 1926 — 02 February 2005

Today, after a period of three months I went to a cafe which I liked to go to a lot. After a little time our usual waiter came. He seemed very happy to see us there. Very happy.

Before we could order he said – will that be all. We were looking at each other when he left. We were looking at each other and had started asking each other about which one of us actually ordered. Suddenly the waiter reappeared and came with our “usual”. I could not believe that he would remember the usual after three months.

During the course of the meal he came upto us and asked us if I needed more. I said, no thank you. He said – you have reduced your food intake. Everyone else laughed at me. So did I. Then he said – you have lost weight. By that he doubled his tip. After that he started telling everyone how I once ate one and a half fried chicken. He then told us that he had been working there for seven years and no one ever ate more than I did that day.

I feel so proud of myself. Once again I have done something that people will remember me for years to come.