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Friday — 24 Zilhaj 1425 — 15 Magha 1926 — 04 Fe…

Friday — 24 Zilhaj 1425 — 15 Magha 1926 — 04 February 2005

Why can people not accept the truth? Why do people hide from the truth in the desperate belief that it will keep itself hidden from them? Why can people not realize that I am the most eligible gay bachelor in Karachi? Why can they not see that I am the most handsome, interesting, smart, sophisticated, humourus and intelligent man in this city?

O Karachi dwellers! For how long will doth not see the truth! For how long will you smother the fires of truth!

As you can all see, I have hit a new crescendo of psychosis not hit by many other people on this planet.

On top of that I think I am mensturating.

I am sorry, I think I will go eat some more caffeine.