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Sunday — 26 Zilhaj 1425 — 17 Magha 1926 — 06 Fe…

Sunday — 26 Zilhaj 1425 — 17 Magha 1926 — 06 February 2005

I spent the weekend in Hyderabad on a hastily plotted and organized trip. A car full of all three of my regular weekend partners came over to my house at about 1830 on Friday evening.

I was told about a completely organized and decided upon (as if that could possibly happen) plan to go to Hyderabad where one of my regular weekend partner’s friend’s (I know, too long a description for too weak a relationship) house was empty and we could stay.

I ran into my house, said my farewells to my family as I packed my bag for Hyderabad, and a weekend of lust and gluttony. When I went back to the car I was told that there was no space left in the car. I was told that I have to go empty handed. As a compensation my evil, manipulative, self centered and ugly friends told me that they will take care of the finances. Me being a shrewd capitalist with a complete lack of self respect decided immediately that money is all that matters and hence I took the deal. Then we all shook hands. A rather unconventional and confusing procedure when there are eight hands to shake in one circle.

Nothing of note happened during the trip. Except that I did not have to drive since I was being abused emotionally in any case. And, of course, except that incident where one of my friend’s “accidentally” stepped on something that cows do, and then move on immediately, ashamed of their foul deed. Of course we all knew that he wanted to step there, rather than his weak half hearted explanations to the contrary. How can someone step on one spot on a large wide empty road if one does not intend to?

We got back from Hyderabad at about 2330 on Sunday night after a long arduous journey of people laughing hysterically and smoking on cigarettes that seemed to be of such low quality that it seemed as if we were smoking wood instead of tobacco. And even that of the lowest quality. So I have a very severly sore throat since that period of time.