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Tuesday — 28 Zilhaj 1425 — 19 Magha 1926 — 08 F…

Tuesday — 28 Zilhaj 1425 — 19 Magha 1926 — 08 February 2005

As today’s post I will just paste before you my comment box for the post made by me on the 24th of Zilhaj.

— Begin comment box paste —

Wow …you EAT caffeine. Do you have a hairy chest too ?


If it makes a difference, I spent the last two days trawling through orkut, and well…you are probably the most interesting, smart, sophisticated, gay man there..and since I have come the believe that the entire population of Pakistan orkuts, I’d strongly concur with your statement.


well on that good note..why don’t we all have sex


caffeine? sounds to me like you should be eating midols.


with each other? Orgy Yay!


Does Jalal have a hairy chest? I think he should post a picture so we can all judge for ourselves.


yep..i want to see hairy chest too i love them

Jal…bring it on, boy lol


They saw it J…they saw it. Then I arrived in town, and they moved on

And yes, he has a hairy chest. Well, from what I remember of him at a party over a year ago, at any rate.


Sin–wait till I come to town.


what a man without a hairy chest?

nothing …

Jal never shave u chest!


Maybe you should take out a newspaper ad and let everyone know ;-P


Ohk. This is going to be LONG.

Uberhomme … Come over and I will show you.

Manish … Thank you. See, everyone, finally a voice of reason.

Diana … Stop hitting on me.

Dennis … What is a midol?

Sex? … ???? at the nick. And, no! I do not sleep with women. I am gay goddamnit. I am gay!!!

Jere … I have a very hairy chest. And NOONE IS GOING TO GET TO SEE MY BOOBIES !!! NOONE SEES THEM NOONE!

Diana … For you everything.

Sin … Stop trying to steal my lime light. Oh, and yes, do you want to see my hairy chest again?

Bruce … You did. We did not think a lot of you. Everyone still agrees that I am hotter than you are. (evil, artificial, hollow, shallow, hollywood laughter) HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH.

Diana … I know, and I never will.

Alexa … I DID! I ACTUALLY DID! Noone paid attention to it. They all kept paying attention to the add besides mine. It was about a 23 year old girl who can tell you what you are thinking and then do that very thing.


— End comment box paste —

a – I will not, I repeat, I will not show you guys and gals my boobies. They are my boobies and I will not, I repeat, I will not, show them to you!

b – After reading these comments I have realized that my blog does not reflect very well on me as a sane decent man. Hmmm. Oh, ok.

Lastly. I have not been able to blog for some time, due to , a, my trip to Hyderabad, b, my net being down for four days, c, my desire to sit and grow fat without moving even my finger muscles.

So, I have had to make three posts today together. So you have to read this post and the ones for 27 Zilhaj and 26 Zilhaj that precede it and you have to read my reply to the comments of the post on the 24th of Zilhaj so that you do not miss out on the height of drama, adventure, action, comedy and perfection that you read about everyday and that is in other words the life and times of Jalaluddin Ahmed Khan as presented by himself in his journal the Tuzk of Jalal or the Tuzk e Jalali.