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Saturday — 02 Muharram 1426 — 23 Magha 1926 — 1…

Saturday — 02 Muharram 1426 — 23 Magha 1926 — 12 February 2005

Today was by far the best day for me as far as human beauty is concerned. It was everywhere, in cars besides mine; riding in busses; crossing roads; getting their hair cut; doing window shopping; hanging out with friends staring at girls at malls; walking about aimlessly and staring at girls in malls; and finally smoking cigarettes on the sofa with me. Everywhere. Extremely acceptable and desirable human beauty. By far the best day for as long as I can possibly remember.

I spent a total of one hour and twenty minutes shopping for clothes today. Does this mean that I have turned into a woman? Please, do not hold back, give me your honest, unbridled, wild, passionate opinion. Hmmmmm, what do I have a feeling that the previous sentence got derailed from the actual into something that it wasnt supposed to derail onto.

Ah, well, I am single and rejected by everyone I have ever contacted and I am alone over the Valentines. What more can I need?