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Saturday — 09 Muharram 1426 — 30 Magha 1926 — 1…

Saturday — 09 Muharram 1426 — 30 Magha 1926 — 19 February 2005

Upon certain requests I will today tell all of you one of my most ardently held bigoted hatreds.

I will say at the very start that the opinions presented in this post are not to be made any kind of a factor in any of your judgements of me as a person. I am only bold enough to state on of my very few bigotries. I am sure you have your own.

It is against a certain neighbourhood in our great city of Karachi. The name of the neighbourhood is Defence.

This all started when I was very young. I slowly and gradually started with a strange hatred for money in all its forms. I do not know why but I hate the whole concept of money and how it makes people into feelingless animals who should be living in jungles and not concrete jungles made to satisfy human thirst for spending and living lives detached from other humans woes and miseries.

All said, to me Defence is the embodiment of three things.

One. It is the place to live for all the Noveau Riche of the city. Anyone, who has suddenly (usually by either illegal or unethical means) due to some reason, come into a lot of money immediately shifts to Defence. They buy a big overly decorated, read gaudy, house in Defence built to make sure that everyone who sees it will immediately realize one thing, the house belongs to rich people, it is lived in by rich people, and all you other poorer beings are loosers. There people make the sole aim of their lives to show off their wealth in ways that I find simply disgusting.

Two. People from Defence are the more snobbish, ill mannered, rude people that I have ever come across in my life. You might expect un educated, illiterate people to not behave properly but you do not expect it from people who could afford to go get expensive liberal educations. And the height of this snobbishness are the statments (keeping in view that there is a certain bride that comes between the city and the main route to Defence) “I dont go to the other side of the bridge”, “I dont meet people from the other side of the bridge”, and something not said but usually implied “Ew, dont touch me, you are from the other side of the bridge”. Basically this attitude of snobbishness is unbelievably disgusting and to date I have not found ONE person from Defence who does not have this attitude.

Third. People from Defence are completely cut off from and have no idea of our city. They lead a life in their own part of the city. I am not against this at all. It is ok. Just that when I live in Karachi I want to experience the city, not just the most expensive shops and parties.

I am sure that you are all shocked at how could I have possibly said all this. It is solely because I realize that this is wrong and that I am bigoted. Just that I can say this here.

I will say one thing though. That point number one and three are not so much the reason that I hate Defence. Maybe that is because it can not under any circumstance be generalized to all Defence dwellers. Actually I am sure that a majority of people in Defence do not fall under these categories at all. The reason for all my bigotry is point number two. I have yet to come across even one person from Defence who does not think that him or her being from Defence makes them better than me. I cannot say this about any other group of people in any situation because noone else gives me that idea or even the vaguest feeling.

I am sure that any one of you reading this and from Defence will hate me. But, from now on, every time you have a feeling of someone being lower than you think about the root cause. I am sure you will eventually realize that I am not an evil man jealous of you and that there may at some rate be something that has made me think this way.

I must remind you all again that you are not allowed to hate me based on the fast that I said something. I am sure you have your bigotries as well.

And as to my Defence friends. I love you all despite your obvious snobbishness. And please dont hate me, I am not talking about you in particular, just the feeling that I get from that place.