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Tuesday — 12 Muharram 1426 — 03 Phalguna 1926 –…

Tuesday — 12 Muharram 1426 — 03 Phalguna 1926 — 22 February 2005

I have not been having enough sleep for the last two days. I have been sleeping less than I would under any circumstance.

So, I am sleepy and hence slow at work. I am making the strangest of jokes at work that makes everyone laugh like hell. I am sleeping in the office and snorting and snoring. So now, I am so sleepy that I am acting strangely and everyone loves me for being funny and orginal.

What is wrong with people on this planet. Life was so easy before all of us came to this planet. Now, first we all have to live in the same body and have a serious multiple personality disorder and then we have to be funny. And then everyone likes it.

What is wrong with you humans?