Wednesday — 13 Muharram 1426 — 04 Phalguna 1926 …

Wednesday — 13 Muharram 1426 — 04 Phalguna 1926 — 23 February 2005

Today I am going to blog about something that will do a couple of things. It will diminish the level of respect that you guys have for me. It will may you think that I am even more stranger than I am. It will make you feel that there are somethings that we have in common but I am so much more courageous and perfect that I can actually tell them.

It is about taking your pants off while you have your shoes on. I know, you will ask, why would someone do that? But, without answering that, since I dont have any answers I would say that I have had to do that a couple of times. Actually my reason was that I didnt wanna take my shoes off.

It all started because I had to change pants and not my shoes. First I though about how good it is that my pants can be removed from over the shoes. So I just pull them down and pull them over. That is where it started. The pants were getting stuck on the shoes a bit. So I pulled on them. When that didnt work I tried at least ten awkward positions in which to pull the pants as hard as possible. One of them involved me using both my hands to pull the pants, Oh, and yes, I forget, I was also grabbing it with my teeth and pulling it at the same time.

I know, I know, this seems embarrasing but if you ever try this. I assure you, you will go through the same thing.

Eventually I did manage to take my pants off in that way. Just that it ripped into two parts and it was no use any more.

I do not think that I will ever take my pants off with my shoes on.

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