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Thursday — 28 Muharram 1426 — 19 Phalguna 1926 -…

Thursday — 28 Muharram 1426 — 19 Phalguna 1926 — 10 March 2005

So, when your boss’s boss’s boss’ boss is coming to town you are excited. You take out your best suit (which in my case is a horribly cheap brown suit). You take out your best shirt, cufflinks, tie, tie clip, shoes, belt and hair products. You get all ready to look your best and learn something from the occasion.

This is where what happened to me today differs from what happens to the rest of the world on such occasions.

Now I will tell you how all these important days/meetings go for me. It started with me getting into my car about one and a quarter hour before I was supposed to get there. This is not because I am a moronic imbecile that read the time wrong, although that has been true in the past, it is not this time. I got out so early because I wanted to keep a time cushion for traffic jams. Which are horrible at that time of the day. And I did take one hour to get to my office. During which time there was a jam where I got enough time to get out of the car, get my coat off and put it on the backseat.

Once I got to the office I realized that noone is there. I am still too early. So I go in and try to put on my coat. Which by the way is frikking wet. How did it get wet? Well, someone decided to open a bottle of water on the backseat. So, the coat marinated in water for one hour on a hot humid day in the backseat. So, I had to put it infront of the air conditioner to dry out. And then my day picked up, everything went very well.

Then later on, when we were having tea. We as in the other people. I, at this point in time, was stuffing myself with so many biscuits that I was finding it hard to keep them inside my face. So, there I am, all stuffed and confused and well fed. Suddenly the boss’s boss’s boss’ boss comes up to me and a couple of people standing with me and start a conversation.

Now, I cannot spit the biscuits out, I cannot reply to him, I cannot move my face because I am afraid the bicuits will shoot out. Then I realize that he sees it and makes some sort of a joke about stuffed faces or something. I start laughing. It is horrible. I want to laugh explosively with my mouth closed. So I am giggling / bawling / laughing / whateverthehellnot all in one go. Then he starts laughing at me and suddenly shows the courtesy of turning over and talking to other people.

What the fuck is wrong with me! Is this why I am still with an unpopped cherry?