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Tuesday — 11 Safar 1426 — 01 Caitra 1927 — 22 M…

Tuesday — 11 Safar 1426 — 01 Caitra 1927 — 22 March 2005First of all happy 1927 in the traditional Indian calendar.

Now, there is something I have to tell you all. That is, that, it is, that, I am a sick sick sick sick sick perverted young homosexual freak. How so? Well, I will tell you about an incident after which you will yourself realize that I am indeed telling the truth.

Today, at about 1100, while at the office, I was staring at the hands of a rather handsome colleague. Oh, so you do not think that that is sick? Well, I did not tell you the crowning jewel. That would be what I was thinking. I was thinking that – how hot it would be if those hands were pulling my hair as we had hard wild sex on a cold marble floor on a hot summers day.

Well, no, no, dont go there, I am not only a sick perverted freak. I am actually a sick perverted freak with a good sense of humour and verbal capability. I mean, come on, just today I came with the following statement “Money is a sick sick sick vile evil thing that is meant for the blood sucking habits of capitalist pigs”.

So there, I have made you hate me and love me in a small span of time.

How do you like me now bitch?