Wednesday — 12 Safar 1426 — 02 Caitra 1927 — 23…

Wednesday — 12 Safar 1426 — 02 Caitra 1927 — 23 March 2005

If any of you expected that I would not meet B (that is what I am going to call him from now on) today, on a holiday, after last night. You would be wrong. I did indeed meet him today.

It was a wonderful Karachi evening. The evening breeze. The holiday’s rushless roads. We got to the beach when the daylight was fading. We sat there for an hour. B decided that he wasnt evil enough already and told me that I cannot smoke any more. Complete smoking ban. I shall abide by it. I know are you reading this. You are evil!

Then we drove back to his place. During the course of the drive the city’s traffic gave me a headache. And I, apparently, according to B, I gave him headache. Then he made us some tea. He makes wonderful tea. Then he gave me some sugar with the tea. And then I came back home.

All in all a very good day. If you do not include my idiot friend O with him moronic problems regarding computers. And to top it all off, he doesnt even frikking use cologne. AAAAA RRRRR GGGGG HHHHH. How the hell do you tell someone they are stinking like a rotting fish that has been floating for so long that even bacteria do not want to get close to it.

How? Tell me!


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