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Sunday — 16 Safar 1426 — 06 Caitra 1927 — 27 Ma…

Sunday — 16 Safar 1426 — 06 Caitra 1927 — 27 March 2005

Ok, this post is written by Mr B. Under my supervision of course. So here he goes …

obviously the self proclaimed expressionist would be all cherry and peaches about himself…but reality is a bitch and erm according to him i am a slut..therefore here it goes…. he is one mother fucking sexy asshole….he is a dickhead too, he is opinionated…just the way i like it…proclamations proclamations…i wouldnt call it a temporary thing from my behalf atleast..yes i’m as smitten as santa’s christmas gift socks waiting to be filled up with goodies….you pervert…guess what mister jalal decides to say when i say that last sentence….he thinks about sex… :S…he fills me up good, just right..and we havent even had sex as of yet..what to do mister and misses….i might throw some shoots i might even miss em but hell this sure came out to be a three pointer…..all the way down till the bottom of my soul…..
i wanna write on and on and on and on and on and on and on andon andon

Saturday — 15 Safar 1426 — 05 Caitra 1927 — 26 …

Saturday — 15 Safar 1426 — 05 Caitra 1927 — 26 March 2005

I got my first proper pay check this month. I had to buy gifts for everyone from it. My grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings and friends. Oh, and yes, there are other names on that list that I have not mentioned simply to keep the list seem normal and not completely berserk. I actually knew that all of my paycheck would go into gifts.

I hate gifts that I have to give to others. But I love the gifts that others give me. I specially hate all the thinking involved when you need to buy gifts for someone else. Why the hell is it that I cant just give them the money without thinking at all.

I went to do my shopping with Mr B. I think it makes a statement about how I feel about him. Also, it tells you guys that I knew we would have to park in some dark, lonely covered parkings and I might get some sugah. Which I did. Ahhhhh, I love the idea of teasing Mr B. I am such a tease and I love it.

Fuck, I need to get a life and talk about something else.