Wednesday — 26 Safar 1426 — 16 Caitra 1927 — 06…

Wednesday — 26 Safar 1426 — 16 Caitra 1927 — 06 April 2005

Random scraps of memories of days gone by kept coming all day. One after another. From older days, in a place dear. A place very close and very loved. A place where I used to be free to behave as I will, to act as I will, to do anything of any level of lunacy, idiocy or barbarity without disapproving eyes jumping out of their sockets and bouncing about on the floor.

I talk about my university campus. And, now that that story has come up, I will tell you guys about something that I once did at my university.

I was very very lazy about laundry. I used to get it done in a heap. Then I used to put the clean laundrered clothing in a pile. Then I used to wear clothes from that. After wearing them I used to put then in another pile, the slightly used pile. Once the first pile was empty the second pile had lost all of its usedness due to being aired properly and was ready for use.

After using the second pile I used to put the laundry in the hamper.

There were times when I was so very lazy that I had to fish something out of the hamper as my clothes got cleaned at the launderer.

This is a story about an occasion when I reached a new limit. Basically, I called the laundered at my dorm to collect my clothes. When he arrived I gave him everything. All of it from the hamper. After I have been using items from that for one week. I know, I am sick and perverted and dirty, but since you are not my boyfriend, you dont have any power over me!

When the launderer went away, I took off my Pierre Cardin suit and put on a bed sheet to cover myself.

I stayed in that for two days. Since I did not have anything else that was clean enough to use.

A whole weekend wrapped in bedsheets and avoiding all human contact.


I love those days.


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