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Tuesday — 23 Rabi ul Awwal 1426 — 13 Vaisakh 192…

Tuesday — 23 Rabi ul Awwal 1426 — 13 Vaisakh 1927 — 03 May 2005

It is always interesting to think. To look at the sun go down far away across the sea. Think. Think. And only think.

Unfortunately for me. That is not possible. One of my enemies friends at school cursed me. Not because I am a bad person, but because he was one, and he had chubby ankels. He cursed me with the incapability of thought. Upon first hearing the curse I baaaed and boooed at him because I thought it was a stupid curse. Then it came true.

I have noticed that while interacting with other human beings my brain suddenly stops working and words start coming out of my mouth with apparently no thought or sense behind them. This may also be the case with my blogging, but I dont really know about that yet. So, going on, I had an interview / job discussion / career path discussion / promotion discussion interview with a senior at my office. And suffice to say that I could have made a 56,772 page list of things that I would never again want to say in an interview.

Why am I so stupid? Maybe that is because I am just so fucking hot.

Oh, sorry, I confused myself with Colin Farell for a bit.

Does this mean that I am fat and stupid?

Apparently it does.