Monday — 14 Rabi us Sani 1426 — 02 Jyaistha 1927…

Monday — 14 Rabi us Sani 1426 — 02 Jyaistha 1927 — 23 May 2005

I seem to have developed a certain ritual. Sometimes I come back from work at the height of rush hour. I drive. I take about a quarter to an hour to get home. All through extremely jam packed roads. I do not use my cars a/c. I prefer open windows instead.

My method of not going berserk while driving in such horrid traffic is to sing loudly to myself when I am going or coming from work. Not just loud, very loud.

Today, after about half an hour into my return journey I suddenly realized that I was singing very very loudly, and I was singing something that most people would consider very very odd. At that moment I snapped and scolded myself. Again very loudly.

Jalal! Stop it. You are singing so fucking loudly. Stop it. Stop acting like a hormonal imbecile. Stop acting like this. Jalal! You need to have some sex. You need to have some animal coitus.

Obviously after using the term animal coitus I was laughing so loudly that everyone near my car was looking at me. So basically, why am I so insane?

And on a less intense note. Will any one of you please sleep with me?

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