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Monday — 21 Rabi us Sani 1426 — 09 Jyaistha 1927…

Monday — 21 Rabi us Sani 1426 — 09 Jyaistha 1927 — 30 May 2005

Today was another one of those days when news filters into our office about the outside world. Rumours of dark actions. Whispers of an evil malice. News of malevolent happenings.

Another Mosque was attacked by suicide bombers. Today, in the land of the pure, in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan innocent blood was shed on the expensive marbles of our civil mosques. No longer there for religious purposes but to act as the breeding grounds for illiterate gun toting beard ridden men.

When will all this end? When will we wake up one day and say to ourselves that thank God we have gone past the dark ages? When will the time come when I will have forgotten all the times when after hearing news of violence in my very beloved city I will shake my head and ask myself “what is going on”? When?

In my dear city bears and burqas abound. Women wearing scarves and men growing beards. Meaning and threatening. Islam! Islam! Islam! Cram it down your throat! Islam! Islam! Islam!