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Saturday — 01 Jamadi us Sani 1426 — 18 Asadha 19…

Saturday — 01 Jamadi us Sani 1426 — 18 Asadha 1927 — 09 July 2005

I dont know what to write. I have been sitting infront of the screen for ten minutes. I have been thinking about blogging once I got the time on Saturday (for the more stupid amongst you, today). But now that I am sitting infront of my screen I have no idea what to write.

Does this mean that there is something wrong with me? Does this mean that I am slowly and gradually becoming dull and boring? Does this mean that I am less of a good lay now than I was in my college years?

Not at all. This just means that I like to think about things that happen around me. Even if they are so frikking stupid that I should be drawn and quartered for wasting fifteen seconds of human thought on the subject. And mind you I mean fifteen seconds from the cumulative human thought over eons.

That said, I think I can indeed at times say things that I want to. But, oh well. I shall shut up and go back to watching immoral visual elements over the internet!