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Saturday – 28 Ziqaad 1426 – 10 Pausa 1927 – 31 December 2005

There are movies with good prints, excellent sound quality and crisp pictures and colours. Then there are pirated versions of these DVD movies available for lesser amounts so normal human beings, who are not able to differentiate between colours that the human eye can not biologically differentiate between, are spared the bull crap used by over paid salesmen to sell real DVDs at prices where all decent humans should scream bloody murder. Then there are movies that are of a lower quality. Cinema prints. These are movies taken from a choice location in the cinema to give a good clear picture; you can see the cameraman focusing the camera during the initial brain dead advertisements of the movie.

Then there are the bad cinema prints. The camera is placed in the most inaccessible location of the cinema, kudos to the brain power of the cameraman. Then the idiot forgets to focus the camera. Grow a brain moron. Then all through the movie people keep crossing the cameraman to go to the bathroom because they did not have the common sense to not stuff themselves full all day long and have not had enough self control to discipline their bowel movements. Then of course there are the people who keep coughing all through the movie, have the decency to pour some venom down your throat bitch. To top everything off, the cameraman turns out to be a complete idiot and keeps covering the camera with his hands so you get to see only half the screen of the movie. Wow, congratulations on having an IQ equal to that of my morning bowl of porridge! The worst thing is that my idiot cablewallah always ends up getting the last type of movie. And that is what I am watching right now. And that is the reason for this rather agitated post. Although, I must add, there are beans passing through the digestive systems of cows that would make better cablewallahs, but since he is my cablewallah I have respect for him and his miserable brain dead group who takes care of the cable system here.

Oh, and yes, regarding a wedding that I had to go to recently. What the hell is wrong with the bridegroom’s idiot brother? Who the hell sleeps till five in the evening on the day their brother is getting married? I know you are reading this, I know you know this is you. Don’t comment, just call me and lets have a cat fight.

And, yes, I use British spellings, so bite me! Hard.

Oh, and in case you disagree with what I was saying here – go menstruate; put on your skirt; and do some baking to calm yourself down.

Master Bates

What will a butler call his master’s son whose name is Bates.

Master Bates?

That is just nasty.

Wednesday – 26 Ziqaad 1426 – 08 Pausa 1927 – 29 December 2005

Damn you Murphy; damn your breeches; and damn all of your laws!

It is indeed a cause for concern for all overly scientific minded vulcan agnostics when things do not go according to the accepted norms of science or common sense.

What I am trying to say is that when you see a heavy metallic object of a square shape you are expecting that tiptoeing into the kitchen at midnight and dropping it accidentally would lead to one hard metallic thud sound and end of story.

You are not expecting the loud boom of an empty tin can falling down from the lower heavens and then rolling about, despite a completely cubic shape, with horribly loud banging noised for as long as it takes a dying man to see his life go by infront of his eyes.

One simply is not prepared. It is similar to being flashed by an extremely ugly human being when one is trying to hit on someone sitting next to you on a public bus. One is simply not prepared.

And now, I shall beg your leave, have a wonderful evening.

Monday – 23 Ziqaad 1426 – 05 Pausa 1927 – 26 December 2005

There are times when I think that my blog is a representation of me. There are times when I do not. And, this does not refer to my multiple personality disorder. That is a completely different issue that Jalal has to go through.

But then again there are times when I think what kind of a person I am, then I come across a search for “paranoid psychotic” that landed on my website. It is one thing to know oneself and it is completely another to be told oneself, and in such a ghastly manner indeed. I would prefer to be called a psychotic sarcastic blogger instead. Or, rather delicately as someone on the internet put it “psychological problems in Karachi”. It would be a nicer world indeed if we cared about each other and used properly grammatically crafted slurs for each ohter. So the other person only goes through insult not injury.

Although I have been talking about a lot of sex on this blog but the search results for “caress my nipples” leading up to my blog are completely unacceptable and libelous. I did not say that to him at any time during the first one day of our relationship. For that matter I did not discuss “unpopped cherry porn” either. I mean, I would never get taped during the first time. I would never, never, never. Unless there were too many men that I could hide amongst. But all this said, I would like to say that I am not a sex obsessed perverted slut of a homosexual guy at all.

Strangely enough, the search results also cater to my rather violent, spank-me-red-daddy kind of attitude as well. What with searches like “Qurbani of Goat in Toronto”, “cricketers hit in the groin and lying down in pain”. I do admit these searches paint a picture of pain and suffering. But a slight amount of violence never hurt anyone, specially if it involves pyromania with someone’s belongings at your office who seems to be the demon from hell incarnate. Specially if noone was hurt and noone had their expensive leather briefcase charred two days after they sabotaged Jalal’s report by changing all of his spellings to vile Americanized versions of English words.

The most interesting part is the mellow cultural / cultured touch that some of the aforementioned searches come up with. I mean “indian film songs for rukhsati” surely deals with a tender and loving emotion that I hold for my sisters being wedded off and me finally getting all of the property that they so serpentinely sit on presently. And the search for the “nafees nastaliq font” shows yet another one of my hidden talents of observing and enjoying beauty in non living things just as well as in living things. While at the same time slave driving my art school going sister to do some calligraphic writing for me.

And with that, I take your leave.

And so does Jalal.



This post is being added solely as a mellowing agent and a warning. It is being added as a mellowing agent so that you are Jalalized and transformed into a hyper active super excited human who will be able to get my previous post below this one. It is also meant as a warning that the following post is only for adults who might find male homosexual practices acceptable to read about.

Thursday – 19 Ziqaad 1426 – 01 Pausa 1927 – 22 December 2005

So, today Jalal started his sex life. With sexy-office-guy.

No, we did not fuck. I got to give a completely perfect penis a long hard hand job.

I love being gay.