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Thursday – 05 Ziqaad 1426 – 17 Agrahayana 1927 – 08 December 2005

There are three questions hovering around in my mind right now.

One, why do people search for the strangest things. I mean, why do people search for “”took off his shirt” uniform army hide”; and ” pakistan work week”; and “Rushless Coffee Shop”; and “what does a indian peshwaz look like”; and “online caramboard”; and the crowning glory “Queer Bloggers in Karachi”

Two, why the hell do all these searched eventually lead people to my blog. I mean, come on, I search for strange things, but I never end up at my blog. Why is Google and Yahoo doing this to me? Why? Why? Why?

Three, why the hell are people in Karachi wearing sweaters, mufflers and coats for crying out loud. It is not like Karachi has a winter. It has mild summer period. Why? Why? Why?