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Sunday – 08 Ziqaad 1426 – 20 Agrahayana 1927 – 11 December 2005

It brings great pleasure to me to be able to bridge gulfs. The gulf between right and wrong by considering them both right. The gulf between religion and athiesm by being an agnostic. The gulf between men and women by telling women that they are vile creatures meant only to serve men. The gulf between boxers and briefs by introducing the concept of boxer briefs. The gulf between straight and gay men by wanting to sleep with them both. The gulf between work and home by making my work both of these. The gulf between order and disorder by being an extremely disorderly perfectionist. Finally, the gulf between East and West by introducting ideas from one to the other and them translating them.

My latest idea would be the concept of changing much used terminologies.

West : Whose your daddy?
East : Whose your sahib?

West : Whose your daddy now?
East : Whose your sahib now?

West : Whose your daddy now bitch?
East : Whose your sahib now kutiya?

West : Whose your daddy, SAY IT?
East : Whose your sahib, SAY IT?

West : Oh yeah daddy?
East : Oh yeah sahib?

West : Oh yeah daddy, gimme some love?
East : Oh yeah daddy, gimme some love?

Why are the last to lines the same? That is because some things done change.