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Wednesday – 11 Ziqaad 1426 – 23 Agrahayana 1927 – 14 December 2005

This post is slightly graphic so I would suggest people except gay men to proceed with caution.

The sexy office guy. The same one who I was about to hold from behind when he came in from his workout some time ago. The same one who I keep thinking about when I do strange things. The same one who has played around with me. I had the following conversation with him today.

I have to state that this whole conversation is carried out in a semi humourous state. That is possible because, unlike the West, in Pakistan men have very strong bisexual instincts. It is not a cultural taboo, except in the more extremist right wing elements or the social classes with Victorian sexual morality. I digress – so the conversation goes as such …

Me : So are you doing it or not?
Him : You keep saying it but dont do it.
Me : Come on tell me.
Him : Tell you what?
Me : Are you doing it or not?
Him : You keep saying things but then you back off.
Me : I back off? You are the useless one over here.
Him : I am going jogging today if you want to join me you should join me there.
Me : I am not really experienced with jogging.
Him : Oh, I am very good with jogging.
Me : With my lack of exercise in the recent past I think I might have to stop jogging in about 2-3 minutes.
Him : Oh I can do laps.
Me : (sparkle of admiration in my eyes) Really? How long?
Him : 20 minutes.
Me : (physical condition). Really?
Him : Oh, yes, try me.
Me : Do you have a condom right now?
Him : Its in the car.
Me : We need to do something tonight.

Well, to think that my luck can be any worse. I got extremely sick during the day today and had to take the day off. So no fucking sex for me.