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Wednesday – 26 Ziqaad 1426 – 08 Pausa 1927 – 29 December 2005

Damn you Murphy; damn your breeches; and damn all of your laws!

It is indeed a cause for concern for all overly scientific minded vulcan agnostics when things do not go according to the accepted norms of science or common sense.

What I am trying to say is that when you see a heavy metallic object of a square shape you are expecting that tiptoeing into the kitchen at midnight and dropping it accidentally would lead to one hard metallic thud sound and end of story.

You are not expecting the loud boom of an empty tin can falling down from the lower heavens and then rolling about, despite a completely cubic shape, with horribly loud banging noised for as long as it takes a dying man to see his life go by infront of his eyes.

One simply is not prepared. It is similar to being flashed by an extremely ugly human being when one is trying to hit on someone sitting next to you on a public bus. One is simply not prepared.

And now, I shall beg your leave, have a wonderful evening.