Tuesday – 02 Zilhaj 1426 – 13 Pausa 1927 – 03 January 2006

So, life is very interesting nowdays. For two reasons.

One of my very close friends just got engaged in quite a hurry. He comes up to me one day and tells me that his parents are saying that he needs to get engaged very soon. Two days later he tells me that his parents have chosen a girl. Two days later he went with his family to the girl’s house to ask for her hand in marriage. And now he is getting engaged two weeks from now. All this within three weeks. Three weeks. Three weeks! THREE WEEKS!!!!!

Jalal – story now, hysterical attack of over pronunciation and syllable elongation later.

Another one of my very close friends comes up to me three days ago and tells me that his father has given him a choice of two girls to choose from and he is going to get engaged to her in two weeks. He calls me up four hours later to tell me that one of the girls has gotten engaged to someone else in the last four hours – there is no choice now. He does not like the girl. So we spent two hours today (I dont have too much time on my hands, this is a very important issue, at least for him) on discussing different ways in which he can get his father to agree that this is not the right match for him. Inclusive of, tampering with his medical testing results by bribing hospital staff with the promise of a better financial prospects. And, telling the girl – who, by the way, has a crush on him – that it will not work out and they should pressurize their respective families to call it off. If any of you shining lights of mental capacity has an answer, don’t give it to me, we have already come up with all the possible solutions. And they dont work.

Will Jalal’s unlucky moron friend get engaged to the girl that he does not like? Will Jalal’s normal friend find a good piece of attire for his engagement? Will Jalal ever try to grow the hell up and stop posting like a brain dead teenage schoolgirl? We will be back, same Bat time, same Bat channel. Batman is a stupid bitch – period.

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