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Monday – 08 Zilhaj 1426 – 19 Pausa 1927 – 09 January 2006

It is always nice to meet up with old friends. Especially from high school. Since that is the time when one has a crush on every moving object. Along with being finally at an age where one can bond with another human being, with a certain amount of mental presence. And then again you are meeting people after eight years and one wants to catch up with all the mundane, useless details of what has been going on in our lives. Including how some people’s lives turn out to be long drawn out boring episodes in the general state of human apathy.

The interesting thing is how you notice that people don’t really change. It is interesting learning about how the over sexed, cute, educationally deficient, brain dead, light of the party guys who kept bullying you all through high school turn out. They are still the same, just that in real life they don’t succeed so much. It is also interesting to learn how the over sexed, cute, educationally capable, intelligent, boring guys who were your friends turn out. They are still the same, just that in real life they do succeed so much. Yet another sweeping statement from the desk of Mr. Jalaluddin Ahmed Khan. All the psychological, sociological, interpersonal relationship snippets aside. One does get to learn about the many different paths that every life takes.

And then again, one does get some familiar eye candy to stare at in dark sheesha smoke filled coffee shops. Always a good thing.