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Wednesday – 10 Zilhaj 1426 – 21 Pausa 1927 – 11 January 2006

عید مبارک

Eid Mubarak all of you. May Allah shower you and your families with his blessings. May you all enjoy this Eid with all the derivatives that come with it. And may you have the love of your loved ones to make this day a wonderful occasion.

Oh and yes, it is indeed a wonderful holiday when every earning member of society has to slaughter an animal as a mark of sacrifice and donate a large portion of it to the poor.

It is indeed a wonderful feeling to catch a Goat by his horns, push it down to the ground, put your knee on it’s neck to keep the Goat down, take a sharp blade in your hand, cut the Goat’s throat, feel the warm blood spurt out of the animal’s jugular vein and onto your hands. And then one simply cuts, bleeds, skins and cleans the animal with his bare hands. Yet another wonderful experience in the mundane lives of disturbed Pakistani men.

Thank be to Allah that we just give money to the Edhi foundation and I dont have to cut up an animal in the manner just described. That would be horrifying.

Oh, and yes, what is up with all the fresh oily smell of meat slaughtered today and eaten on the same day. I mean, it does smell quite fresh, and disgusting.