Friday – 12 Zilhaj 1426 – 23 Pausa 1927 – 13 January 2006

There comes a time in the life of every man when he thinks. He thinks about what he is and what he wants to be. What he aspires to be. What he desires to be. I have never had such a time. Before today that is.

Me and SAR picked up a friend at his office. On our way down we decided to take the electric elevator and save ourselves the pain it had caused us to climb flights upon flights of stairs to the fifth floor. Half of us, all three of the three that is, inside the electric elevator we chanced upon incriminating evidence that the electric elevator was indeed ascending. We decided to weather the storm anyways.

As soon as the elevator closed SAR had a sudden attack of childish prank psychosis and pulled my shirt outside my pants in one clear cut movement of adroit well suited for moronicities hands.

Not having developed mentally and still being completely devoid of any sense of proper behaviour I decided that one ill turn deserves another. As soon as I reached for his shirt he was on the floor, in an electric elevator, screaming at the top of his lungs like a rather drunken pig asking for milk. Suddenly there was a ping; the electric elevator doors opened; two people stared at two grown men screaming at the top of their lunds curled up in the corner of an electric elevator; two grown men snap to a completely military attention state within five microseconds.

To top all this off the spectators did not have the necessary decency to say excuse me and not board the electric elevator. They did board the electric elevator. Then they spend ten floors of two grown men laughing hysterically and falling to the floor in the middle of their over excited hysterics with long threads of spit dangling from their mouths as they scrambled for breath in the middle of their over exaggerated fits of hysterics.

That made me think. Should I sober up? Should I behave myself like an adult human? Should I stop pulling people’s shirts out of their pants? Should I indeed say goodbye to my childhood? Should I change?

Then I told myself to “shut the hell up bitch”. And I decided to live life as is.


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