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Sunday – 27 Muharram 1427 – 07 Phalguna 1927 – 26 February 2006

Wassup? Wazup? Wasup? Wazzup? Waszup?

And how are all of you frikking imbeciles and morons with slighly deficient brain cells out there? I realize I havent been coming online but that is simply because of my excessive work hours; to the tune of thrice the European standards; and my complete psychological and intellectual collapse.

Ohk. So, basically, I need the following things, not in order of importance,

– This wonderfully excellent suit I saw the other day.
Bruce’s telephone number so I can call the fucking whore-slut.
– A boyfriend.
– Excessive loss of weight.
– A sense of humour.
– A guy I can cheat on my boyfriend with.
– A beautiful yet perfect house on the beach.
– Another guy I can see on the side and compare with the first two guys.
– A sense of time and space so I can start to order my life.

Oh and yes, all of bitches out there who think that Apples are better than Mangoes, go fuck yourself; I hate you; we are never having sex.

So, basically this is how worked up I can get when I have just exercised and havent had my morning tea followed by a game of Pacman.

Which reminds me, my Pacmania has gone through the roof. What the hell are your highest scores in Pacman anyways. I am pretty sure I have the highest scores.

p.s – Please dont hate me because I have a complete lack of any concepts of continuity of thought.

Sunday – 13 Muharram 1427 – 23 Magh 1927 – 12 February 2006

Ok. First of all. If you bitches find out that I havent been blogging for some time it doesnt mean you can send me ten thousand emails asking if I am ok. That is of course unless you set up a date with me first. One that can lead to any kind of an ending. Preferably one I have control over.Oh and yes. You bitches need to give me more respect. Next time, you should kneel before me, remove your clothing, then write your comment. Also, since I am overly sexually active and overly desperate and sexually deprived. So if any of you bitches know any good gay guys in Karachi. Set me the hell up with them! I am desperate.

Hmmmm. Have I used the word bitches too many times?

Have I shown myself to be a sexually deprived horny braindead moron that needs to get laid? God I hope so.

Oh and yes, Bill, Mush and Zag; you are all dirty bitches! Now shut up and dance naked on the marble table top.

Hmmmmm, what the hell has gotten into me. Maybe it is all the testosterone pooling into my brain!

Damn it! I need medicine!