Saturday – 23 Rabi ul Awwal 1427 – 02 Vaisakh 1928 – 22 April 2006

So much goes on in life. It is hard to cope with it. It is hard to keep up. Just as it is hard to keep up your writing speed on a hot delirious night, it is hard to keep up with your life when you are extremely overworked and underslept.

The last week was a 96 hour work week. Full of working late nights with people many different countries. Who were hitting on me constantly.

Ok. Ok. Ill stop lying. GOD! You are like a bad spouse. Correcting / Demanding / Challenging and Irritating.

There was one guy and he was hitting on me. There.

By the way, who the fuck am I talking to when I do this?

Oh God. I am turning into a chronic workaholic. I mean, this was my first Saturday off in quite a few weeks. But I got all bored and I had to force myself not to go to my office. I need help. I need someone to help me out with this. This absolutely horrible level of workaholicism is unnerving and scary.

And, no, I am not going to see a shrink. They just dont understand and keep asking things. It is hard enough going about the boring mundane points of my life on my blog with an audience to add a shrink to it.

Also, there is a strange fear inside me that extensive therapy might make the shrink go completely insane and I would not be able to live with the knowledge that I am so seriously mentally fucked up that my shirk went insane.

Dude, this is a very, very wierd post.

I cover this up, I will try not to post when I am having a tea high next time.

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