Saturday – 25 Shawwal 1427 – 27 Kartika 1928 – 18 November 2006

For some reason, completely unknown to me, I came across this. Though I will not toot my own horn, or blow my own trumpet, or other terms with delectable dual meanings, I will say that reading this actually made my happy and brought back memories of an experience. The exact reason for my starting this blog.

Apart from this the fact that I am a super sexed up horny slut that needs to get the attention of men who are then to be conveniently converted into bed breaking screaming animals is always to be considered a reasonable rationale behind this blog. But, there were times when I actually thought that the concept of the blog could be to actually get opinions from people on the other sides of the screen.

So, here goes, there is a guy who works for me. Does not have a working brain, even has strong religious beliefs and conceptions of right and wrong. Has a completely amazing body and wears nice and tight clothing to work to make the experiece all the more intereting for me. Try to wake up one hour early on a Monday just to see someone put on their tight dark blue pants and prance about the office and you will know what I mean.

So the question is this. Do I sleep with him against all the norms of my rules about having animal sex with my office colleagues. Or do I not sleep with him and sleep with this other guy in another department on another floor where there is an outside chance that I might actually get some office big wooden table sex experience?

Decisions decisions!

And, on a completely unrelated note. I have fixed up my room and now it is a complete sex magnet.

In case you noticed, yes, my life does revolve around sex, so go fuck yourself, or better yet, contact me!

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