Monday – 05 Ziqaad 1427 – 06 Agrahayana 1928 – 27 November 2006

So, another Monday, another week. I am sure that in ancient Babylonian mythology the God of Mondays was also the God of Hell. Or the other way around, your choice. And it is solely because of Him that we have to deal with bad Mondays at work where your energy is at rock bottom but you still have to smile and work with humans. As you might have noticed, despite me excessively irritating sunny disposition I am not a complete fan of Mondays.

But today was different, there was a training session with about 20 odd people. And it was for half the day. And then they told us that we have to take the second half off. I loved the trainer woman. Unlike most women she had a clue about life, the universe and everything.

I learnt that listening is more important than speaking in team environments; expect commitment as a result of empathy; and dont do to your staff what you would not have your manager do for you. Yeah right. As if anyone ever did this. But it sounded like good advice.

By the way, I share the global belief of hatred towards one’s manager and the higher management. Still, one day I get to become one. Beliefs and hypocrisy, such a common mixture.

Oh, and yes, I learnt another thing during training. I wanted to walk up to this exceptionally hot guy sitting on the other table; breath lightly on his neck, and then nibble it lightly. When I did that I learnt that such behaviour is not acceptable in our organization and they have given me a letter or warning that any further public displays of sexual activity will be met with immediate firing. The guy didnt like it either. He waited outside for me but I took the back door.

I am kidding, none of this happened. Just that I wanted to do the breath and nibble bit. Perverts.


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