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Monday – 12 Ziqaad 1427 – 13 Agrahayana 1928 – 04 December 2006

Completely, absolutely, unequivocally amazing weather. Cloudy, windy, chilly, drizzly, and of course highly stimulating. I have not seen such amazing weather in Karachi during the past three years that I have been here. Of course with good weather always come memories of older times and a nostalgia that can only be covered up with long calls to college friends.

Wonderful day, wonderful weather. Though the water and all made life at Chundrigar an abso fucking lute bitch. And I mean super bitch with large nipples made of glowing hot copper that are then poked into your butts until you promise to behave and call her Judy Daddy for the rest of the evening.

That is obviously a story for another post. Till then bye and enjoy the amazing weather.