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Tuesday – 13 Ziqaad 1427 – 14 Agrahayana 1928 – 05 December 2006

Oh, and yes, I have learnt that I learn. I have also learnt that I am fat, ugly, disgusting, hairy and look about fifteen years older than I actually am.

Hence, I will start to exercise, eat properly, and pay attention to how I look from now onwards.

And, get a frikking hair cut and trim my fucking goatee to make me look less like Ho Chi Minh and more like a horny sex deprived maniac capable of taking you to heaven and back in 10 minutes.

Hmmmm, this blog is turning from my usual anti religious ravings into my usual sex deprived ravings.

Fuck it. All I wanna say is, wonderful weather, Pink Floyd rocks. The Invisible Pink Unicorm is beautiful, pink and invisible at the same time. And, Faiz can still make me melt over Nuskha ha e Wafa like it used to be four years from now in a far away part of the world.