Wednesday – 21 Ziqaad 1427 – 22 Agrahayana 1928 – 13 December 2006

Tonight I went to the Karachi Film Festival. For the first time.

Good movie. Good ambiance. Good experience overall.

And, additionally so much eye candy that I had a seizure / fit and fell to the ground amidst convulsions with spit drooling out of my mouth.

I mean the percentage of delectable guys was definitely more than 33%.

Like I said, seizure / fit. And that has never happened to me before. And we are talking about me here.


  Eric wrote @

good times noodle salad

  vern wrote @

Hi Jalaluddin

I’ve been reading your blog for some time now. It’s cool and I like your concise style. I’m inspired.

I’ve decided to link yours to mine.


  bilbored wrote @

I couldn’t help thinking, I could use one or two “stupid tea boys” around the house….Bill

  maryam wrote @

oh that’s fine. you get to see eye candy. when ever i go back to pakistan i see retards. whatever.

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