Tuesday – 13 Rabi us Sani 1428 – 11 Vaisakh 1929 – 01 May 2007

I hate going to work on mass public holidays. It is even worse when mine is the only department completely at work while the rest of the building contains less than 10 Kgs of living matter. And in this I am including the Chicken Sandwiches that we ate. I could have sworn that the muscles were still contracting as we ate them. Brings new meaning to the term fresh food.

And since we are on the topic of things that I hate, I hate driving to work and crossing only 4 cars where I have to travel for one hour through rush hour traffic every day. And I hate imbecilic motorcyclists who think that simply because the road is quite empty at 9 in the morning they can simply drive on all of the road rather than their own little bit of it. And yes, the bluberry topping on an absolutely amazing piece of cheesecake, I hate getting up at 8:15 in the morning on the 1st of frikking May 2007 to go to my vampiric office just so that my manager can show off to his boss’s boss’s boss that he is capable of running a team.

I hate stupid people. I hate deceitful people. I hate managers. I hate stupid, deceitful managers. Hence, the most natural post industrial state of the human being. Hating one’s manager. That is where I am. Dont judge me because I know you are the same. The very very same. Or you are sleeping with you manager. Shame on you! How dare you destroy such a pure and noble relationship built on hatred, mistrust and revulsion by adding sex to it. You sicken me! Now go back to eating your Yogurt before I start to spank you with my leather tongs after pouring all that Yogurt on you!



  Jalal wrote @

I am beginning to like myself.

  goblinbox wrote @

Morning sucks. Commuting sucks. Managers suck. Argh.

  Zag wrote @

oh my God….. wtf, you are commenting on your own blog before anyone else has a chance to do it :P Cool… i like this idea :)

maybe the chickens had the bird flu thingi in em and thats why they appeared that way…. who knows….

and don’t tell me you wouldn’t have slept with your manager if you had a chance :P and if you had, then i really dont know how you would have spanked yourself with leather tongs after pouring yougurt on yourself…. maybe the answer to that deserves a seperate post by itself…

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